Awesome Treasure Hunt Riddles for Adults Around The House

We have mentioned that these are exquisite for use with young people, but could be used without difficulty with adults. Why do young people have all the fun?

The treasure hunt is especially a laugh for young people of academic age who can read the clues on their own, although they may need help from time to time. With a few accessible grandchildren, the treasure hunt riddles around the house are likely to show up in a crazy race. With a single grandchild, it will be more leisurely. With several grandchildren, you should have them take turns to analyze the clues and make sure to provide enough “treasure” for each baby at the end.

But, teenagers will discover this without interest, so the question should be more of a chore. It is capable of being a cryptic question or a puzzle. And when they found the right portrait, the question associated with it also had to be difficult. In this example, they did not simply realize who became inside the painting, but they had to plan an innovative story about what happened. This should not support any date of what was evident in the portrait, however, should have a logical narrative.

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Make Treasure Hunts for Adults More Fun

  1. I’m a friend to parents who like things neat.
    They really like it when you wipe your feet.
  2. I give privacy from the folks next door.
    If you have bad neighbors, you need me more.
  3. Everyone loves me. I’m pretty and smell sweet.
    Look down to find me! I’m near your feet.
  4. I swing out and in to let you through.
    I sometimes creak, and that’s your last clue.
  5. On me, you can speed like a bird in the sky.
    My two wheels will make you fly!
  6. I sit very still when I don’t have a rider.
    Sit down and learn why I’m called a glider.
  7. I have a ring, but you can’t wear it.
    Sometimes so loud that you can’t bear it.
  8. I’m sort of like sneakers, but for a car.
    I help it run really fast and far.
  9. In day I store the light of the sun.
    At night I shine when the day is done.
  10. I’m like a small house, but no one lives in me.
    Tools and gadgets are all you will see.

Answers: 1. Doormat 2. Fence 3. Flowers 4. Garden gate 5. Bicycle 6. Garden glider 7. Doorbell 8. Car tire 9. Solar light 10. Tool shed 

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